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Understanding Mediumship

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on January 14, 2017 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

“Spirit is pure love”


In essence all human beings are spirit; this means that within us is the potential to give and receive pure love. The term mediumship is the exchange of giving and receiving pure love energy via a two or three way connection between the spirit people and the earth plane. To be a successful medium is to be open to that process of giving and receiving of pure love and in doing so, become part of it.


Many people ask me, “can you develop mediumship or is it a gift you are born with?” It is my opinion that as we are all spirit, therefore it is perfectly natural to communicate with the spirit world; it is also the most natural thing in the world to connect with our own spirit energy. I do however believe that everyone has a path or a destiny in life, a job with their name on it. As such I do not think it’s within everyone’s life path to become a working medium. Just as everyone can sing a note to some degree or other but singing to the level of an operatic or having a musical career as magnificent as Michael Jackson for example, is not everyone’s destiny. So it is my understanding that yes everyone can develop that innate part within them that is spirit and in turn learn to communicate with the spirit people; however it may only be those people who are born to have a career as a medium who will do so.


Just as there are many genres of music there are also many different types of mediumship. I believe as we on the earth plane are learning more about spirit communication so too are the spirit world. They are using different methods to communicate with us and perfecting others. Mediumship can take on many forms including metal mediumship, trance, physical mediumship, spiritual healing, trance healing, animal communication, etc. Each person’s journey is unique and the way in which your mediumship develops, the type of mediumship you will practice and the journey as it unfolds will be different for each of you.


At many times during teaching people do I use examples of my own learning experiences which I hope will give you an insight into the journey of a medium. However, I must stress that your experiences will be different to mine. The learning is part of it. Spirit knows who you are, they know what your level is at any given moment and they know which direction you’re heading. Spirit will become your greatest teachers and the process which they choose to teach you is largely dependent on your responses. It is for this reason that I always recommend that you open yourself up to developing the relationship with your guide as a matter of great importance. I have dedicated a whole chapter in my new book to communicating with your guides as they will become your strongest allies.


An important point to remember is that your journey will not end, in that you will never stop developing as a medium. You will find that just as a method of communication becomes clear another practice will raise its head; as you start to work within one area of mediumship and feel confident no sooner will a different type of mediumship become available for development. Spirit will bring you opportunities on your journey to practice, get good and take it further. It’s a never-ending journey. Enjoy every moment of your journey. Embrace those moments when the evidence of survival is so precise, so clear that you prove without any reasonable doubt that you’re communicating with spirit. Equally it’s of paramount importance to know that when your communication feels weak, your evidence unclear this is a magnificent opportunity to learn. Know that spirit are with you every step of the way, helping you to understand the process of working with and on behalf of the spirit people.


When you are communicating with spirit and giving a person on the earth plane a message from a friend or relative that they dearly love and miss the feeling is like no other feeling in the world. It’s a high that cannot be attained by anything you could purchase legally or illegally on the street. Working for spirit is the highest honour; the most fulfilling of jobs and probably the best thing you will ever do in your life. I have to say I love my job which encompasses readings, demonstrating, teaching, healing and coaching people. Quite often I find myself counselling as well. It does have its lows though and you need to be tenacious to do the job well.


There will be times during your journey when you can’t see opportunities coming your way and then there at times when opportunities come your way and your connection is weak; you’re reading frustrating. It is important to give your best at all times and never beat yourself up if a reading or demonstration didn’t go as well as you would have liked. Trust is the key here because if you always know that spirit is with you, then they are with you when you fall flat on your face. They are watching over you as you work every moment and you have to trust them. It takes time to build up that trust so that you work in accordance with their plan and don’t question it. If you listen to spirit, accept your journey, take pride in your accomplishments, pick yourself up after each fall and take every opportunity to work for them you will not fail.


The other thing to remember when you are working as a medium is that you are working with the general public. People are funny things. You will meet wonderful people on your career path; you will meet sceptics, other mediums, outright opposers and those who are determined to make your job as difficult as possible. My advice is to treat everyone the same to begin with. Mediumship is not reading people so therefore if a person is ‘closed’ it doesn’t really matter. Spirit knows who they are, they are the ones giving you the information, you are not ‘reading’ anyone. You are simply passing on a message, the same as when the phone rings and you answer it on some else’s behalf. In fact, it may be helpful to switch off from the person sat in front and just tune completely into spirit. I will talk more about this later in the book but for now try to understand that the earth plane play a lesser part in the communication than you and the spirit people. All that is required from the person you are reading for is the love for the person in spirit. It is that love that brings them to communicate.








Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on January 14, 2017 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

We as humans are made up of three very special elements: the mind, the body and the spirit. The spirit or the soul of a person is the very essence of their being; it’s the omnipresent connection with all life in the universe and beyond. A person’s soul lives in the human body, learning lessons and overcoming challenges, giving love and seeking out other souls in the world who need our help and in turn can help us. When we are ready, we return home into the world of spirit where our loved ones on the other side are waiting for us with open arms and eternal love.

Mediumship’s primary purpose is to prove that the spirit world is a very real place with immeasurable potential and constant support that is offered to all those on the earth plane. However, mediumship is so much more than this and it is through the exploration of spiritualism that we seek both answers and limitless understanding about life and our purpose both as humans and souls.

As humans and as spirit are individuals; we have our own characteristics and personalities. As such, the way in which we connect with spirit is unique and can vary from medium to medium and spirit to spirit. It is the reason why mediumship has so many facets and can appear in so many miraculous ways from healing, to physical mediumship, trance and the more commonly demonstrated; mental mediumship. Spirit communicates to us and through us in the way that they feel is most comfortable for the individual medium and for the spirit who is attempting the communication.

As my mind wanders through the history of spiritualism in the modern world I think about the uniquely talented mediums, Helen Duncan and Estelle Roberts. These ladies were physical mediums and demonstrated the phenomena of full materialisation mediumship, where a substance called ectoplasm would flow from the mouth of the medium (and other orifices) and become a solid form of spirit that would be able to walk round the room and touch individuals in the séance room and pass on accurate messages to those present. I myself have witnessed trance sessions where wonderful, spiritual guides would speak through the medium with wisdom and knowledge of both worlds whilst the medium would sit relaxed, in a semi-conscious state. The purpose of trance mediumship is to help us on the earth plane understand why we are here and to help us create a more peaceful and productive world.

Healing and mental mediumship, although more commonly observed are by no means lesser forms of mediumship but are here to touch our everyday lives and prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the spirit world is real. In conclusion, mediumship is connection with home, the place where we came from, the place we will return to and a place of eternal love and peace. Mediumship is there to aid human survival, help us learn and calm us when our faith is tested. Mediumship is a diamond with many facets, a diamond that through our own spirit is within all of us, waiting to be polished so it may shine as brightly as our true self always will.

By Beverley-Anne Freeman