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Beverley-Anne Freeman
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Reading & Regression Pack Approx 2hrs £70

Psychic Reading, Mediumship Reading & Past Life Regression Session, this pack enables you to get a glimpse into the future, speak to loved ones on the other side and get regressed through hypnosis to see who you were in a past life. 

Bereavement Package Approx 2hrs £70

This package is aimed at those who are grieving and includes a full mediumship reading to speak to loved ones who have passed and a 1hr spiritual healing session to help with the pain of loosing a loved one. There are no guarantees but both can have amazing healing benefits. 

Psychic Reading & Future Progression Approx 1hr and 30 mins £70

For those who are curious about the future have a psychic reading and then see for your self! Not just this life time but a future life as well! Using hypnosis techniques you will be progressed into the future. It is completely safe and very relaxing experience where you will be guided by Beverley Anne Freeman to a point in the future. 

Psychic Development 10 1hr Sessions £295.00

Are you intuitive, feel spirit and would like to develop and learn more? This introductory pack will give you the tools you need explore your own abilities and help you decide if you wish to take your development further. Covers: Meditation, Colour Work, Psychic Card Reading, Spiritual Healing & Mediumship. All at an introductory level. 

Healing Pack £120.00 - Approx 2 Hours 

Following a consultation you will enroll in a rich healing package including: 1 Hypnotherapy Session, 1 EFT Session & 1 Spiritual Healing Session. Should leave you feeling refreshed and motivated. Can help with literally any ailment including depression, weight loss, smoking, etc.