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By Appointment or call for a last minute impulse booking

Disclaimer: If you feel uncomfortable during a reading you must say so in the first 10 mins of the reading, the reading will stop and no charge will be taken, after the first 10 mins full payment will be due and no refunds offered. In accordance to the law of the United Kingdom I am obliged to inform you that readings are for entertainment purposes only.

ALL READINGS ARE ONLINE VIA SKYPE, PHONE, WHATSAPP or FACEBOOK MESSENGER £40 - approx 30 to 40 mins (but please leave 1 hour free for the reading), choose from:

Psychic Card Reading

A Psychic reading using fortune cards can help the enquirer gain clarity on situations including relationships, business, career, health, family and other day to day situations.  You may ask questions if you need guidance on any specific situation. I work closely with spirit when doing a psychic reading.

Mediumship Reading

During this reading we will contact loved ones on the other side who wish to come forward with a message and I will give evidence of survival after passing and any message of love they may have for you. I can not guarantee who will come forward during the reading but will do my best to allow your loved ones to speak through me.

Mixed Reading - Psychic with Mediumship 

If you wish to gain clarity on certain situations that are going on in your life right now and wish to hear from loved ones in spirit then you may prefer a mixed of both. These readings usually last a full hour and I will spend approximately half the time reading the cards and half the time working with your loved ones in spirit.  

Past Life Reading

Find out who you were in a past life and how they are effecting you in your current incarnation. 

Life Path Reading

Find out what your sacred contract contains, what are your hardships in this life and the soul lessons you are suppose to be learning.  

International Skype/Messenger Readings

UK                                  £40.00

Europe                          40.00e

USA                               $55.00

Australia                      $70.00

Contact via Skype or Email to book 



Psychic/Mediumship/Combination Reading 40.00

Past Life Reading 40.00

Life Path Reading 40.00

Full Two Hour Reading

(includes psychic/mediumshiup/past life and life path) 120.00

Party Bookings in your home or business min 4 people—max 8 40.00 per person

Charity Events/Events from 10 to 20 people mini readings 15.00 each



Skype/Online Development – 10 Sessions 275.00

Meditation/Mindfullness Meditation Training 40.00 per session



M.A.N. Up! Advanced Weight Loss Programme devised by Beverley Anne Freeman

M.A.N Up! Weight Loss 12 Week Programme 495.00

M.A.N Up! Weight Loss 12 Week Online Coaching 195.00


M.A.N Up! Has been developed by Beverley Anne Freeman and uses techniques and therapies to work with your mind set as well as a full nutrition programme and Personal Training Programme. See Website for more details.


Transform Your Life! 

No two people have the same problems; that's why Beverley Anne Freeman's transformation coaching is tailored to each individual. Beverley uses a number of clinical and holistic therapies to achieve amazing results! 

Some of the techniques and therapies may include: 

¨ NLP & Hypnotherapy

¨ Nutrition Planning

¨ Personal Training

¨ Reiki Healing

¨ Mindfullness & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

¨ Life Coaching

¨ Counselling

¨ Spiritual Healing

¨ Sound Therapy & Crystal Healing 


Transformational Coaching

Feel Good 12 Week Online Coaching 195.00

Transform Your Life 12 Week Online Plan 295.00

Transform Your Life Online with Nutrition & Personal Training Plan 595.00


Nutrition & Personal Training

Full Nutrition Plan for weight Loss or Healing 99.00

Personal Training Plan for Weight Loss of Fitness 99.00

Nutrition & Personal Training 12 week Plan 295.00