Beverley Anne Freeman  

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression

With the pressures of daily modern living anxiety and depression are conditions that are becoming more prevalent than ever in society. I aim to heal these conditions completely. It’s unacceptable to me to be simply taught ‘how to cope with anxiety and depression’. I want to heal my clients within the allotted 10 sessions and then not have to treat them again for the condition. This, of course, is no mean feat for those who have suffered for a long time or require deep healing; however I like a challenge and will not let anxiety or depression beat me – neither should you! 

To heal these conditions I start with an initial chat which is relaxed and without pressure but I do need clients to be honest about how they feel and the experiences they have had. I work with an open heart and an intelligent mind to allow you to understand and recognise where your issues stem from so that we can heal them together. 

I develop 10 session plans with your requirements at the forefront of the process. While I am with you, I give 100% and encourage you to give yourself the same. Each client is a human being: complex, multidimensional and often fickle but my psychic and intuitive abilities allow me to ‘feel’ your soul and create treatment plans that perfectly match your persona. I use several skills including coaching, counselling, NLP, EFT, clinical hypnosis and holistic healing therapies with guaranteed results. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Situations that anyone has found distressing can cause PTSD and the symptoms can include flashbacks, nightmares, feeling very anxious and difficulty sleeping. Healing of the mind (conscious and subconscious) and the soul are required to eradicate these symptoms and heal the root cause. 

We will start gently to open up those old wounds and then remove any deep-seated issues, before implementing techniques that will allow you to work on releasing fears attached to past events. Treatments will inevitably vary as each person is different, but creating peace within my client's heart and mind is always the desired outcome. 


Grief is not a condition but a process. A process where you are not expected to ‘get over it’ but to gently free yourself from the unbearable feeling of loss that comes when a loved one passes to spirit. I coach my clients to ease the pain without dishonouring the memories created together with the loved ones who have passed. 

I use a clever mix of healing treatments, mediumship and spiritual development to encourage clients to sit with grief as a companion rather than a sabotage. 

For those who have lost a partner, we can also work on moving forward in your life as a single person, which can be extremely difficult. I will give you practical tools and exercises to get you feeling more confident and less overwhelmed. 

10 Sessions £450.00 OFFER PRICE £350.00

All Sessions are Global Online and will do my best to accommodate time zones.  

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