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Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on December 16, 2020 at 9:10 AM


3 bulbs of organic garlic

10 organic red onions

4 tablespoons organic cooking olive oil

1/2 pint of filtered water

1 low salt organic veg stock cube

1 teaspoon of marjoram

1 teaspoon of parsley

salt & pepper



Peel and chop the garlic and onions and place in a large pan on a medium heat with 4 tablespoons of organic cooking olive oil. Cook for 5 minutes.

Add all other ingredients and simmer for 10 - 15 mins, don't overcook it or you will lose the vitamins.

Blend the soup for 30 seconds so there still a few rough chunks of onion in the soup.

Serve alone or optionally with organic bread & organic vegan butter.

The Science

1. Red onions contain large amounts of flavonoids that are responsible for their reported antioxidant activity, immune enhancement, and anticancer properties.

2. Garlic contains allium sativum which is the secret component that means garlic has magical healing properties. In clinical studies, garlic appears to enhance the functioning of the immune system by stimulating certain cell types, such as macrophages, lymphocytes, natural killer cells, dendritic cells, and eosinophils, by mechanisms including modulation of cytokine secretion, immunoglobulin production, phagocytosis, and macrophage activation. Garlic can contribute to the treatment and prevention of pathologies such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disorders, gastric ulcer, colds and cancer.

3. Marjoram has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties.

4. Parsley is high in vitamin C and is anti-inflammatory, perfect for fighting colds.

5 Spiritual Practices Whilst Staying at Home

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on March 26, 2020 at 8:35 AM

Hi Everyone

Over the coming days, I will be updating my blog with information, tips and inspiration to help you overcome the Pandemic challenge. Let’s make this an opportunity and allow staying at home to be productive for mind body and soul.


Here are my top 5 suggestions of what you can do to working on your ‘spiritual Self’ whilst we are contained within our homes.


1. Meditate – this is the perfect opportunity to implement meditation into your daily routine. It will have a calming effect on your energy vibration and going within is a place you will find inner peace.


If you are unsure how to meditate you can use my YouTube Channel to find a perfect meditation for you. Sitting in the Power is my favourite:


I also love Wayne Dyer/James Twyman’s meditation I Am. You can use the mantra “I am naturally immune” or simply “I am, That I am. I am that.” Meaning I am part of God and the universe, and that I harness the power of both and a natural state of being.


Start with just 10 mins and work up to an hour. If you want to meditate like a guru, try 3 – 4 hours of meditation per day. The results will be astounding and can include:


• Peace, calm and a feeling of unconditional love throughout your very being.

• Boost your immune system.

• Neuroscientists have found that meditators shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex - brain waves in the stress-prone right frontal cortex move to the calmer left frontal cortex, even after you have stopped meditating.

• Oneness with spirits, guides and angels.

• Rest and rejuvenate the organs in the body.

• By sending love into the consciousness of the planet you can eradicate fear and eliminate stress in the world. Affecting the energy vibration of all your brothers and sisters.


2. Create a gratitude journal – write down 5 things you are grateful today that is different from yesterday. By practising and writing down the things you are grateful for you are sending an intention out into the universe of positivity and love. What you give out to the universe you get more and more and more of. So, let’s start by being grateful for health. To create and manifest situations you can be grateful for thing that may not have yet come into being by assuming they have already i.e. “I am grateful for the end of the pandemic”. Be creative.


3. Make prayer part of your daily routine. By talking to source, you are connecting directly to the divine presence of love that is within you and all around you. In this act, we can ask, tell and share all our innermost thoughts, desires and fears. When we do this, we surrender them to a higher power and in that moment we are opening our hearts to receiving divine guidance. That guidance will allow you to recognise and utilise the natural flow of life and in turn, creates trust. Trust is the big sister of hope and these are essential to human survival. Pray to whichever higher power takes your fancy but allow yourself to be consistent in your prayer ritual. Try to pray in the morning as soon as you wake, akin to taking a spiritual shower. This way you can hand over your worries, fears and requests to spirit, cleansing your for the rest of the day.

4. Expand your knowledge – read or listen to information that will expand your mind and in turn your conscious awareness. There is this current trend of TV and Netflix, unfortunately, although this may provide (occasionally required) escapism, it will not expand your awareness. Be open to the absorption of philosophy, spiritual wisdom and explorative ideas and concepts that will introduce you to new thought processes. By doing this you are actually loving the very nature of who you are. Your nature is, in essence, inquisitive. You soul loves to absorb new things and because your soul is part of the universe, its natural state is expansion. Spend your time listening to audio tracks on Audible, podcasts, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. make these tracks counts – listen to spiritual teachers or those people that inspire you. To be inspired is to be ‘in-spirit’ and when you are in your spirit you are living your fullest life. Read and absorb wisdom and philosophy of the highest quality and fill your mind and your heart with the love that others who are on the ‘seekers journey’ are offering. The best thing you can do for yourself is the switch of the TV and invest time in learning about the love which is available to you.


5. Learn how to breathe – The breath and the body are interconnected, as is seen from the fact that the breath is calm when the body is calm and agitated or laboured when the body is agitated or laboured. Breath and the mind are interconnected, as is seen from the fact that the breath is calm when the mind is calm, and agitated, irregular, and laboured when the mind is agitated or disturbed in any way. Our holding of the breath when attempting intense concentration also shows this. Breath, which exists on all planes of manifestation, is the connecting link between matter and energy on the one hand and consciousness and mind on the other. By sitting with closed eyes and letting the mind become easefully absorbed in observing and experiencing the movements of the breath we enter into the consciousness from which it arises–the eternal Witness Consciousness. Start with awareness of the ordinary physical breath, but that awareness, when cultivated correctly, leads us into higher awareness which enables us to perceive the subtle movement behind the breath. Ultimately, we come into contact with the Breather of the breath, our own Spirit-Self.


The practice of Breath Meditation

• Sit upright, comfortable and relaxed, with your hands on your knees or thighs, palms up or palms down or resting, one on the other, in your lap.

• Turn your eyes slightly downward and close them gently. This removes visual distractions and reduces your brain-wave activity by about seventy-five per cent, thus helping to calm the mind.


• Your mouth should be closed so all breathing is done through the nose. This, too, aids in quieting the mind. Though your mouth is closed, the jaw muscles should be relaxed so the upper and lower teeth are not clenched or touching one another, but parted.



• Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply three or four times, feeling the inhaling and exhaling breath moving in and out through your nostrils.


• Now breathe naturally and easefully, keeping your awareness on the tip of your nose, feeling the breath as it flows in and out of your nostrils. (Some people become more aware of the half-inch or so at the end of the nose, others the very end of the nose and others remain more aware of the nostrils. Whichever happens naturally is the best for you. So whenever this book says “nose tip” it applies equally to these three areas.) Do not follow the breath in and out of your body, but just be aware of the breath movement sensation at the tip of your nose.



• Keeping your awareness on the tip of your nose, breathe naturally and calmly, easefully observing the sensation of the breath moving there throughout all your inhalations and exhalations. This enables you to enter effortlessly into the Witness Consciousness that is your true nature.


• Do this for the rest of the meditation, letting your awareness rest gently on the breath at the nose tip and feeling the sensations of the breath moving there. After a while, it may feel as though the breath is flowing in and out the tip of your nose more than the actual nostrils, or you may not feel the nose at all, but just the breath moving at the point in front of your face where the nose is located. That is perfectly all right, but the focus of your attention should be only at that point–not somewhere else either outside or inside the body.



• Let the breath be as it will. If the breath is naturally long, let it be so. If it is short, let it be so. If the inhalations and exhalations are of unequal length, that is just fine. Let the breath be natural and unforced, and just observe and experience it.



What's new for 2020?

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on January 12, 2020 at 6:15 AM

What indeed does this year bring? We all ask ourselves at that ecliptic January moment, and I don’t know about you? But I tend to think about it every year. When looking forward though, we have this habit of looking back, it seems to humanise everything, often, analysing what the previous year taught us, what we accomplished, how things ravined, obstacles, motivators and souvenirs to take into the future.


I had plenty of clients who’s loved ones made their transition, back home to the beautiful love and light ‘from whence we came’. My heart went out to those who called me asking for clarification that their loved ones made it back home, safe and sound. Of course, it’s a path you cannot stray from… a one way only Route: back to heaven. Leaving those here, feeling loss and grief in a quagmire of sadness. My heart goes out to all those who lost this year, and those of us who remembered loss from previous years. My additional advice is to remember the good times; the laughter and the memories created.


I think last year presented us all with many challenges, both personal, economic and political. Last year seemed to bring forth necessary disruption and provocation, providing a cleansing for new possibilities in the coming year. Let’s not forget that we are also entering into a new decade. A new ten year period. Let’s lay the foundations of that ten year period in this god-given twelve months, to enable revigorated plans and ideas to spring forth.


In my own life and particularly my career path I intend to forge ahead with new plans and ideas, executing them (as always) with conviction, positivity and love. So, what can you expect from me in 2020?


In 2020 I will be returning to the UK to promote my new book, Perspectives: A Journey From Self-sabotage to Self-love. I will be doing a small book tour visiting my wonderful clients and supporters in New York, Sweden, Portugal, London & Manchester. Thank you for all those who have purchased the book so far and the amazing feedback, love and support which never fails to astound me. I think the book has a path all of its own, quite detached from me. This is why I will not rest until it reached global domination (with perennial humour).


I have a few dates already booked in, including International Women’s Day in Hale, Cheshire on the 6th March, where I will be doing a book signing and speaking (organized by the Cheshire Socialites: Where we will be celebrating women everywhere, the beauty and strength of feminine energy, for females are the creators, the pioneers and the love element in the human experience. Nature itself is indeed female, for in winter she is pregnant and in summer, she gives birth.


Then there is something for the men. I will be offering special services and workshops which will focus on men living in an ever-changing world, understanding that men need love and support to achieve their dreams and support their lovers, children and parents. I will release a special newsletter that will focus on men’s mental health issues in the next few weeks.


As a longtime supporter of veganism and with Greta Thunberg paving the way for climate change, I will be running vegan cooking demonstrations and workshops with the introduction of my new company Dine Vegan… more details coming soon. The idea is not to preach or bully people into veganism but just to allow those who are interested to try new taste sensations whilst supporting our lovely friend… the earth.


I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported my online courses business this year. Its continued success will be celebrated by introducing two new online courses, more details coming soon


There will be much more writing coming your way this year (demand-driven of course…). The sequel to Perspective will be written in 2020, (in between cups of tea, weight training, walking by the Cheshire rivers, talking to my beautiful clients and cooking vegan food… phew…), the new book will have lots more funny stories of my delinquent teens and twenties, more life lessons and (hopefully) more wisdom. The new book, entitled Paradox: What Happens After Self-love, will detail what happens after you’ve found self-love? Well of course after self-love, we encounter self-actualisation. But what does this actually mean or entail? How do we start to live our most authentic, happy and exciting life amidst the drama and challenges that everyday unwittingly throws in our path? With courage and conviction of course….. ladies and gentlemen, would I encourage you to do anything else?


Lastly, I would like to say a huge thanks to all my clients who support me. It's you that keep me inspired and motivated to find new innovation and creative projects. I hope that through the creating of my dreams, I can inspire you guys to create yours.


“And God told him, "I am God Almighty. Be fruitful and multiply. A nation--even a company of nations--shall come from you, and kings shall descend from you.” ~ Genesis 35:11



7 Practices to Live Your Most Fulfilled and Peaceful Life

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on October 13, 2019 at 12:15 PM

Copywrite Beverley Anne Freeman 2019. All Rights Reserved.

7 Practices to Live Your Most Fulfilled and Peaceful Life

We have all read the self-help books, many times we have bought books and either left them to collect dust on the shelf or simply not applied the principles into our lives. Wake-up call!! It is called ‘Self’ Help! If we don’t make the necessary changes to heal, improve or create a different perception, nothing will ever change for us.

In some cases, we read this or that, but it doesn’t give us clear instruction as to how to implement these changes effectively. So, I have written down for you here, 7 practices that will have a huge positive impact on your life IF, you use them. There are no miracle cures, healing is hard work, but, what I can promise you is that if you do these 7 practices and continue to use them in your life, you will create a life of peace, contentment and ultimately happiness.

1. Spiritual Practices

Making spiritual practices part of your routine is essential to helping all the other practices work. There are 3 essential spiritual practices which will help to massively improve your minds, activity, which are:

Meditation – start with 10 mins per day and gradually work up to 1 hour. This should become as normal as brushing your teeth. Meditation can be done anytime but keep it consistent – everyday. Check out the toolkit below for meditation ideas.

Prayer – Do this every day, talk to God, the universe, your higher self, what you call it is not important; ask for guidance (especially if you are struggling with something), prayer is the most powerful tool in your box. Prayer is best done in the morning to start your day. Check out the toolkit for more ideas.

Gratitude – create a gratitude journal and write down 5 things you are grateful for every day, this is best done at night. Keep your book and pen by your bed. Gratitude is the single most important tool in the manifestation of a better life. We can always find things to be grateful for in our lives, what we give out, we get more of.

2. Practice Non-attachment

The second principle maybe completely alien to you because you may have been taught as a child that certain things are ‘yours’. The practice of non-attachment is essential to those who find life difficult.

“The root of suffering is attachment” ~ Buddha

The most important thing to let go of is drama, your own drama and other people’s drama. Drama is when we create mayhem around a situation when its entirely unnecessary, and not to get sucked into other people’s reactions to things. Another words, mind you own business.

Let go of material possessions, no one really owns anything, and you will take nothing from the material word with you when you go home to the realm of spirit. It you lose something, let it go, if someone steels something from you, let it go, if something breaks, let it go. Holding on to things that are never coming back, will only cause you pain.

Practice non-attachment to people and places. Understand that everything is perfect, if someone needs to go in a different direction than you, just allow that to happen, knowing that they will be back when you really need them (not when you think you need them).

3. Let go of Expectation

Letting go of expectation is really learning to trust in the natural process of life. Expectation is limitation. When we have no expectation of an outcome or when we expect nothing, we will never be disappointed.

Think about it, when a relationship ends badly, be it a love relationship, friendship or family member, its usually because you had an expectation of how a person was supposed to behave. An expectation from a person that they were unable or unwilling to fulfill.

Going into a relationship or situation (job, party, workshop, etc.) without any expectation whatsoever will open the door for miracles to occur. Live by the philosophy that maybe ‘God has a better idea’. If we allow, rather than push, the universe can deliver beyond our wildest dreams. So, let go and let live!

4. Understand the Illusion

The illusion is created in the ego and creates fear in your life. There are only 2 states of ‘being’; love and fear, everything fits into these two categories. At all times you are either living in a state of fear or love, all that is fear is illusion, all that is love is real.

“What God did not create does not exist. And everything that does exist exists as He created it. The world you see has nothing to do with reality. It is of your own making, and it does not exist.” ~ A Course in Miracles

Pain might seem real at the time, suffering may feel real at the time but if you can step into a place of love, all fear will be diminished. So how do we apply this in real time? Easy, never react with anger or aggression (fear-based illusion), always act with kindness (love). Forgive and be unwilling to accept fear, illness, lack or need. Always send love to yourself, others and anything which seems unbalanced (its not unbalanced, its an illusionary perception created in your own mind). In every situation be not in a state of ego, but in a state of love.

“EGO – Edging God Out” ~ Wayne Dyer

5. Live in the Present

Living in the present moment means switching off the mind talk and just simply ‘being fully present’. The mind is where the illusion is created, in fact it’s the only place where it exists, for it is the only place where fear can live (fear: false evidence appearing real).

Living fully present means using the past and the future as reference points only. Using past experiences to serve the present moment and if you are practising all the other above, the future will not come in to in, unless, you are planning an event.

Letting go of the past is understanding that it is never coming back, that it is gone, over. Just forget it. Not anticipating what will come (especially the negative mind talk) will create a stress free life in itself.

6. Know You’re not Alone

We live on a planet with approximately 8 billion people on it. This should tell you that you’re not alone, but quite often we feel we have to do everything for ourselves. So, if you are unable to feel the love of your 8 billion brothers and sisters, try this instead.

Know and call upon your guides, angels and loved ones who have passed away. If you want you can speak to God, source, the universal life force, what you call it makes no difference to the power and presence of love which is available to all from the non-physical realms. Meditation and prayer will help you with this practice.

Just ask: either aloud or in your mind “help me, I need guidance today” or “I’m lost, help me get back on track… me the way out of the illusion and into a place of my true being…love”. Once you start calling upon your guides and angels, you can know that you are not alone.

7. Take Care of Your Body

The body houses the soul, its important. Love it, honour it, respect it. Be kind to your body and treat it like an expensive car, maintenance is super important. Give it the best you can; the best food and exercise, don’t give it poisons like; processed foods, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

Know that the body is sacred and with sexual activity only use it with someone who you love and trust, you wouldn’t lend your Bentley to the irresponsible driver next door, so don’t give away your body to anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

Take part in some physical exercise that makes you happy, every single day. Walking, swimming, dancing, weight training, yoga, Tai Chi….whatever works for you. I like to listen to something motivational whilst I walk or workout. Spiritual books on Audible or podcasts from Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations or Hay House are wonderful ways to feed your mind whilst loving your body.

Tool Kit



A Morning Prayer

Dear God, I love you,

How may I serve you today?

Lead me towards the highest place in Self,

That I may spread love and kindness wherever I go.

Let’s create miracles today;

Allowing all perception to shift from fear to love.

Lead the way in creating love and kindness within me and all around me.

Enable me to give love and receive love in equal measure,

In doing so, I will always have enough love in me to serve the world with you as my guide.

Let me recognise that the holy spirit lives in me and that in this physical world I am an expression of your love.

I send loving healing thoughts out to all mankind, recognising that all are my brothers and sisters.

Allow my ego to reside in a quiet place, so that my divinity may take centre stage in this life.

I love you, God. Amen

Written by Beverley Anne Freeman, 2018


Why are relationships so hard and what can we do to heal them?

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on August 21, 2019 at 4:40 AM

Relationships take up a lot of time in our lives, the average person will spend more than three quarters of their life in a relationship. Relationships can be wonderful and fulfilling but are also responsible for the majority of the pain we suffer in our lifetime. Most of the relationships that come to mind as you read this will be the romantic kind but many other relationships including those with our parents, children, siblings, friends and co-workers will also have a profound effect on you as you progress through life.

Initially nearly all relationships start of ripe, optimistic and full of hopes for future. Human beings love nothing better than the debate and discussion of how we can create our dream lives with another, we enjoy the closeness and intimacy of sex, the companionship of togetherness and finding our life partner is often the ultimate goal.

What is the purpose of relationships?

Although you may have an idea in your head driven and carved out by society, onset by religious ideals that a relationship should follow the stereotypical path of marriage and children; spirituality shares a different message. Spirituality teaches us that every connection with every human being we ever have, has a divine purpose or learning opportunity.

All relationships show us how much love we are capable of giving and receiving at any given time in our lives. Everything else is humanness and ego. Relationships show us our flaws, our healing requirements and are mirrors of what we are failing to see in ourselves.

When a relationship cause us to feel pain it’s because we are doing one or more of the following:

  • When you expect a person to give you something, they haven’t got
  • When you expect a person to be someone, they aren’t
  • When you expect a person to do something they cannot do.
  • Pain stems from your unpacked baggage that we inherited and mastered from our emotional pathology and thus creates expectations in our relationships.
  • Pain comes from holding on to something which will never fulfill you.
  • Pain comes from trying to learn how to stay in a relationship which you know you need to leave.

How we behave in relationships is developed in our formative years and with the bonding patterns we create with our primary caregivers. Bonding patterns are usually one of three types:

The Child - Created when they have an overprotective or overbearing parent. In a relationship you become the needy child, always craving love and attention. Relaying on your partner for emotional support and feeling unable to be alone in life.

The Parent - Created when a child learns very early on, they have to fend for themselves. When they grow up with a parent who is incapable of or too busy to look after them. You become the person who organizes their partner, supports and gives unconditionally with little regard for yourself or your needs.

The Critic - When one or more of the parents is critical (whether out of love and encouragement or otherwise) Always criticizing your partners, sometimes in way to encourage but ultimately finding the opposite effect.

Bonding patterns and pathology are a huge part of why we can’t seem to make a relationship work or find the right partner. If we don’t acknowledge, accept and heal these parts of ourselves we will never find peace or happiness.

Healing relationships starts with you….

As we attract into our life that which we need to recognize and heal in ourselves, if you are in a relationship which unhappy then you need to look within… and find out what types of behaviors and patterns exist:

To create a relationship of equality, we need to stop:

  • Co-dependency
  • Withholding
  • Criticism
  • Complaining
  • Rejection


  • I am responsible for my own happiness
  • I am responsible for how I feel
  • I am responsible for what I do and don’t do
  • I am responsible for what I chose
  • I am responsible for what is going on in my life right now.

Why Self Love?

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on July 28, 2019 at 7:40 AM


There has been a lot of talk recently about self-love, loving yourself and I wonder if people really understand what self-love is and why its important. After all, didn’t Jesus say, ‘love thy neighbour’, so how do we love ourselves and everybody else at the same time.

To understand the concept of self-love, we really need to look at the ‘laws of the universe’.  The universe works on a set of principles which are complex, diverse and perfect and yet when broken down are also incredibly simple to follow and work with.  It’s the understanding of them which creates confusion amongst humans. To a large extent, humans often try to describe a set of non-physical principles in a physical way, this is how these ‘laws’ become misconstrued.

Let’s look at Karma…. The law of cause and effect…..

Now most people think that if you do something good or bad then some invisible force will create the same situation coming back to you. So, if you do lots of charity work, you will in effect get more abundance back in your life. If you murder someone, you will get bad things coming into your life, etc. I suggest you look at Karma in a different light.

The law of karma does indeed, suggests that what you give out you get back, the less accepted information suggests that it’s our creation. We create situations in accordance with our karma by how we think or feel about certain situations.  If you have done something that you feel guilty, embarrassed or anxious about you will create a situation that reflects this. This will be a reoccurring pattern that will continue until we heal the emotion in ourselves. The same goes for the positive, if we feel we have done ‘good’ we will create more opportunities to ‘feel’ good in our lives, by doing this we are learning to accept (or heal) love and abundance.

This leads us to ‘The Laws of Attraction’…………..

As with the law of karma, the laws of attraction will continue to work perfectly in alignment with our deepest beliefs and fears about ourselves, our lives and the physical experience in its entirety.  This means that what we belief about ourselves on a deep subconscious level will manifest itself into a physical reality for the purpose of learning and ultimately, healing. All laws of attraction and karma are for the purpose of healing the soul. The soul has little concern for the physical experience, only that the physical is a tool for spiritual growth. Spiritual growth occurs through learning experiences, that ‘force’ us to heal on a deep soul level. This is what is meant by ‘pain is your greatest teacher’.  Painful experiences are the gifts we gift to ourselves to reach a more enlightened state of being, or at least depending on our ability to learn and heal, the opportunity for this to happen.

“There is nothing ‘wrong’ in the world. It is all working perfectly in balance with the laws of nature and the universal principles.” Abraham Hicks

So, if what we believe about ourselves on a deep subconscious level manifests itself into the life, we are living then it’s time to look at what is in our subconscious. Most of our subconscious beliefs are formed in our childhood years in addition to experiences we have as we move into adulthood.  After this, everything both good and bad is a manifestation of those beliefs we create.

Sorry to tell you but those failed relationships, negative experiences, horrible bosses and co-workers and health problems are manifestations of our subconscious mind in accordance with the natural spiritual laws.

So how can we change our deep-seated beliefs and childhood programming? Its basically a case of looking deep within ourselves, looking at what has embodied itself there, how that is impacting your life in the present moment and how you have created and manifested your life experiences so far. Only by healing the root cause and then creating practices to re-programme the subconscious mind can we make changes for the better.

At the root of all negativity in our life is a desire to heal something. Its like a big wake-up call that shouts out to us and says, ‘come on now, its time to get straight and be happy’. The most powerful emotion in the universe is love. If you have a difficult situation send love, if you a behaving in a self-destructive way (i.e. addictions, etc.) then send love to yourself, if you are ill, send love to the part of your body which is affected (this is truly what healing is anyway), if a person is causing you misery, send them love. The only true healer is love.

Self-love is a state of knowing (or remembering) who you truly are. A divine spark of God, a pure light having a physical ‘learning’ experience. In this sense you are actually infinite, untouchable, indestructible…. Eternal.  If you can remember this you will never be in a state of ‘pain’, because you cannot be in pain, you can be only ‘love’.

To be able to fully heal you need to dig deep into your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and pathology.  Change the subconscious re-programming that occurred from conception to seven years old and start to implement a state of self-love to move forward in a more blissful existence.

Self-love is honoring your feelings, teaching others how to treat you with respect, its loving who you are with all your imperfections, total acceptance of who you are and what your capabilities are. Quietening of the ego and always listening to the place in you which is love.  Self-love is not about seeking God outside of yourself but knowing that God is within you.

Sex outside of a loving relationship, eating processed foods, over consumption of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, laziness, tardiness and indulging in relationships with those who do not make us feel good are all ways we seek happiness outside of ourselves. When we do this it becomes a ‘temporary feel-good solution’ that in no time at all wears off. This cycle of behavious ultimately leads to co-dependency, depression and a constant craving for new experiences.

When we learn how to love ourselves fully and completely, we no longer require these external validations but instead feel a sense of peace and wellbeing in all that we are.  

Self-love does not go against being of service in the world. We can give to others in service to humanity, it is possible for every single person to contribute to raising to the vibration of the human race. The most profound and powerful way to be of service is to step into our authenticity and life life purpose, using your unique talents and skills for the furtherance of good. Only in this balance of self-love and service will you ever create, manifest or experience your fullest and most abundant life.