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Posted by Beverley Heys on January 14, 2017 at 11:35 AM

We as humans are made up of three very special elements: the mind, the body and the spirit. The spirit or the soul of a person is the very essence of their being; it’s the omnipresent connection with all life in the universe and beyond. A person’s soul lives in the human body, learning lessons and overcoming challenges, giving love and seeking out other souls in the world who need our help and in turn can help us. When we are ready, we return home into the world of spirit where our loved ones on the other side are waiting for us with open arms and eternal love.

Mediumship’s primary purpose is to prove that the spirit world is a very real place with immeasurable potential and constant support that is offered to all those on the earth plane. However, mediumship is so much more than this and it is through the exploration of spiritualism that we seek both answers and limitless understanding about life and our purpose both as humans and souls.

As humans and as spirit are individuals; we have our own characteristics and personalities. As such, the way in which we connect with spirit is unique and can vary from medium to medium and spirit to spirit. It is the reason why mediumship has so many facets and can appear in so many miraculous ways from healing, to physical mediumship, trance and the more commonly demonstrated; mental mediumship. Spirit communicates to us and through us in the way that they feel is most comfortable for the individual medium and for the spirit who is attempting the communication.

As my mind wanders through the history of spiritualism in the modern world I think about the uniquely talented mediums, Helen Duncan and Estelle Roberts. These ladies were physical mediums and demonstrated the phenomena of full materialisation mediumship, where a substance called ectoplasm would flow from the mouth of the medium (and other orifices) and become a solid form of spirit that would be able to walk round the room and touch individuals in the séance room and pass on accurate messages to those present. I myself have witnessed trance sessions where wonderful, spiritual guides would speak through the medium with wisdom and knowledge of both worlds whilst the medium would sit relaxed, in a semi-conscious state. The purpose of trance mediumship is to help us on the earth plane understand why we are here and to help us create a more peaceful and productive world.

Healing and mental mediumship, although more commonly observed are by no means lesser forms of mediumship but are here to touch our everyday lives and prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the spirit world is real. In conclusion, mediumship is connection with home, the place where we came from, the place we will return to and a place of eternal love and peace. Mediumship is there to aid human survival, help us learn and calm us when our faith is tested. Mediumship is a diamond with many facets, a diamond that through our own spirit is within all of us, waiting to be polished so it may shine as brightly as our true self always will.

By Beverley-Anne Freeman

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