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Health Goals for 2018?

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on February 11, 2018 at 10:15 AM

Health Goals for 2018?

Top Health Tips for 2018


So how many of you have decided that one of your new year resolutions for 2018 will be to engage in a health kick? Lots of you right? You maybe aware that in 2017 I completed my levels 4 & 5 in Nutrition and completed my Personal Training Level 3 certificate. I also engaged in a personal journey of healing with diet and fitness, overcoming thyroid and high blood sugar health issues. For me the journey continues daily, but I have learned a few things along the way. I have listed my top health tips to help you reach your goals for 2018. Use all of them daily or cherry pick your favourites!


1. Forget fad diets and ensure your diet has a balance of proteins, fats & carbohydrates but choose these carefully to ensure your feeding your body not feeding disease.


Below is a list of great sources of all three:




All Fish

Shell Fish


Lean Beef






Nut Butters


*Choose Organic, grass fed meat Peas

Root Vegetables such as; carrots, Parsnips



Bulgar Wheat

Buck Wheat

All greens



Full fat Greek yogurt

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Grass Fed Butter

Nut Oil




Oily Fish - salmon, mackerel

Dark Chocolate & organic Coco

2. Try eating within an 8 hour period, allowing for a daily 16 hour fast which has been found in scientific studies to improve over all health and energy levels (The 8 hour diet by David Zinczenko is a great book).


3. Eat 5 small potions per day, try preparing meals in advance and ensure you have healthy snacks on hand to avoid reaching for sugar filled snacks between meals. Things like hard-boiled eggs, a stick of cucumber or a hand full of nuts are good to have readily prepared to snack on if you feel peckish.


4. When eating out choose protein rich meals and ask for vegetables or salad on the side instead of chips, potatoes, pasta or rice. Say no to the complimentary bread roll at the start of the meal.


5. Drinks can be lethal, and you may not be aware of how many calories per day you are consuming in what you drink, My Fitness Pal App is a great way of tracking your micros and calorie consumption. For example, a coffee with milk is around 20 - 40 calories where as a Starbucks Latte is around 187 calories. Avoid fizzy drinks at all cost as they are full of sugar or artificial sweeteners, both of which are not good for you. Try fizzy mineral water with lime juice squeezed into it and a slice of cucumber as an alternative.


6. Start your day with boiling water, add a slice of lime, a cap full of raw organic mother apple cider vinegar and a sprinkle of sea salt, drink this every morning before you consume anything else.


7. Sprinkle cinnamon onto food to help control blood sugar.


8. Avoid 'white' foods which have been bleached such as white pasta and flour including white bread, this is especially true if your trying to shed body fat. Avoid white sugars and corn syrup as they serve no nutritional purpose in your diet, increase hunger and cause long term health problems.


9. Have relaxing baths at least twice a week. Add lavender, Epsom salts and Himalayan sea salt to baths before bed.


10. Vitamin supplements can be great and although you should aim to get all your nutrients from your food first, there are some essential vitamins and minerals you may wish to supplement. Choose a good organic brand without added ingredients. Multi vitamins rarely cover the correct amounts of each element so its better to take individual supplements.


Vitamins & Minerals

Slow release Vitamin C

Vitamin B complex

Omega 3, 6 & 9

Vitamin D3 (known as the happiness pill)

Branch Chain Amino Acid supplement






11. Probiotics and Prebiotics ensure a healthy gut and can be found in one capsule; I recommend Innopure brand from Amazon. Digestive enzymes are also a great way to ensure gut health, take one before meals.


12. Exercise daily doing whatever it is you enjoy, make time for some kind of body movement every day. Gym, weight training, yoga, Pilates, dancing, cycling, swimming, running, walking are all great forms of body movement. If you struggle; run up and down stairs for 20 mins every day, start by doing 5 mins and gradually build it up. If you don’t have stairs, take a brisk walk round the block for 20 mins daily.


13. Be careful of the sugar content in smoothies. Make your own and try using lots of vegetables for sweetness rather than fruit as these contain more sugar than recommended.


14. Smile - it’s a great facial exercise and being happy and thinking positive thoughts add massively to your overall well being.


Smoothies, recipes, and daily health plans all coming soon, thanks for subscribing.

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