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What is Psychic Awareness and Spirit Communication?

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on August 21, 2018 at 4:10 PM

I have been doing ‘psychic readings’ for around 20 years, I didn’t start doing readings professionally (i.e. charging people so I could make a living) until about 13 years ago. What I mean by a psychic reading is to sit with a person and with the assistance of cards tell them about themselves, their situations in current life and future predictions. I would estimate my overall success rate of predictions and accuracy at about 80%, meaning that about 80% of the time clients told me I was either accurate about the past, present or the future once it had happened. In addition to ‘psychic readings I have also communicated with spiritual realms where I have been able to provide people with relevant information about their deceased loved ones. I have done this in several ways; in the spiritualist churches giving demonstrations of mediumship, via private face to face readings with clients and over the internet and radio.

I have been teaching others how to develop for around 10 years and during this process have been learning about the process of these readings and their importance in society and the existence of the universe in general. My perception over the years has changed drastically as I have learned more about spirituality and science which studies ‘the unknown’ or non-physical realms of existence.

One thing I know for sure is that it is possible for all humans to delve into these areas of life as they are both innate and available to each of us. There are two things that will prevent a person from accessing the non-physical realms of existence which is: a lack of belief in the spiritual or in their own abilities and a lack of desire to explore these areas. Anyone who believes they can and is willing to try will develop both psychically and mediumisticly.

This is because we are made from the physical and the non-physical. The physical being the part of reality we see, feel and hear, that which we perceive to be ‘real’. The non-physical is the intangible, creative life force energy which we tend to call God or Spirit (both of which are just words made up by humans so neither having any relevance to the energy itself). To explore both psychic predictions and mediumship is to explore the realms of the non-physical which is a huge part of our existence.


Let’s start with psychic work. The psychic energy is consciousness and belongs in the ‘quantum field’ of energy. The quantum field theory (QFT) is the theoretical framework for constructing quantum mechanical models of subatomic particles in particle physics and quasiparticles in condensed matter physics. QFT treats particles as excited states of an underlying field, so these are called field quanta. In quantum field theory, quantum mechanical interactions among particles are described by interaction terms among the corresponding underlying quantum fields. To access the psychic part of a human is to access the ‘quantum’ energy of consciousness which holds within it all the knowledge and information surrounding all of existence.

If we look at theory of time and matter then we are simply just vibrational energy which looks like solid matter, therefore what we perceive to be real is actually an optical illusion. To work fully with a person’s ‘psychic energy’ is to see through the illusion of perception and into the vibrational energy of the person you are reading for. The subconscious mind already has a connection to our pure consciousness which speaks to us as intuition.

The energy vibration we resonate at (or the calibration of the energy) will feed into the non-physical realms (the universe) and look for a matching vibration, thus creating the perceived reality. This is how we subconsciously shape and create our future.

It is therefore my understanding that to successfully read for a person on a psychic level, we simply need to enter the quantum field and access the knowledge the universe holds on this person whilst accurately reading their current energy vibration which will tell us what they will create in the future. This is why we don’t need to be sat in front of a person, in the quantum field time and space do not exist, in fact nothing exists except consciousness. A person will create their future based on their energy vibration at any given time, if a person’s energy creates a dramatic shift in perception, for example, they heal from serious depression or abstain from an addiction, then the future will change. Their energy vibration will change and in affect so will their future. This is why a psychic can only give an accurate prediction based on the current energy vibration of a person. Hence, why as discussed earlier only around 80% of my predictions have been completely accurate. In some cases, only elements of the future will change in accordance to subtle changes in energy vibration.


Speaking to loved ones in spirit, I feel, is misunderstood by many. We are born from light and will go back into the light when we leave. Part of us never really leaves the light either. As the part of us which is God always remains in the light, only the human experience which is felt (the illusionary perception) resides here. Therefore that which is God, or the spirit world is nothing only pure love and consciousness, a place without physicality and individualism. When the consciousness of our loved ones connects with us (or a medium), they give us an impression so that we may know who is communicating. So you may speak to a medium who will tell you I have a gentleman here with me who is giving the name John, he looks like, such and such, he tells me such and such…. This is so that you will know who is communicating but its not an accurate description of what he looks like now. He’s more likely to look like a mass of pulsating light. When we return to pure love we go back to our original form which is ‘pure love’. Even whilst we are having this ‘experience’ we are only really ‘pure love’ it’s the true essence/form of us.


Again, to enter the place of spiritual energy is to move beyond the physical experience we call life and enter the ‘consciousness’ or ‘quantum’ realm, again knowing nothing of time and space (both human descriptions to make life ‘feel’ more real). Its completely natural here. Its who we truly are. The memory of this is what draws us near, it’s the memory of home which makes us curious of the place our loved ones now reside, the ‘memory’ of this is our intuitive guidance system. That’s why is completely natural to ‘tap’ in to this psychic and mediumistic awareness.

I have developed 2 plans to help people understand this more. Either you can develop the natural psychic and mediumship tendencies you already feel, or you can develop your spiritual self and create a better awareness of the non-physical side of your being. Both plans consist of 10 one-hour sessions via Skype video or Zoom video meeting. If you feel confused by what your experiencing or wish to create a greater awareness of it, or if you love spiritual subjects and want it to enhance your life, contact me today at

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