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New Year 2019 Message

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on December 27, 2018 at 6:45 PM

"All shallow roots must be uprooted, because they are not deep enough to sustain you"

~ A Course in Miracles

New year is always a time for reflection and this year I have been incredibly blessed. I have also felt immense love and support from clients old and new. I closed my beloved business in Cheshire in October 2017 to embark on a journey to pastures new with my long-term partner in Portugal. Well, as many times in my experience, that did not turn out as planned. The many problems we had in our relationship over the previous six years accumulated to an inevitable separation, all within three weeks of my arrival.

2018 was spent strolling endless sunny days in Portugal, walking the beautiful Algarve beaches and around 4 hours of meditation per day. During these self-indulgent, reflective and healing 12 months of my life I embarked on a deep spiritual peregrination. Through prayer, meditation, reading thought provoking books and watching inspirational talks I pieced together the layers of my life. I started to form a deeper understanding of Self and in turn, a peace that only love can deliver. A love experienced through a deep awareness of that which already Is.

All days rolled into one and time became irrelevant, knowing only light and dark; day and night. Initially I went to a familiar spiritual practice for me, meditation. Spending many hours on the beach, listening to the rolling waves, lifting myself higher to become the glorious, solid rock formations that surrounded me. I became lighter and lighter as I my consciousness floated up into the clouds. During these meditations I started to feel a deep connection to my own soul. I saw myself as a huge reflective being that had the ability to create as nature creates. I understood that all in the physical existence has the ability to create, reflect and perceive whilst being completely connected.

As hours, days and months unravelled so did the conditioning of my mind. Once I had felt the warmth and love of my soul I started to move into the expanded awareness of collective consciousness and the oneness of all. Meditation allowed me to hear the heart beat of all humans, all trees, plants, animals and birds. To transcend beyond the veil of the illusion into the reality of all that there is. I understood completely that the physical reality is filled with illusions that cause so much sadness and yet can equally give us a perception of joy. I understood that only love is real. All is pure love energy expressing itself in different forms to ‘experience’ at various levels of consciousness.

Meandering the streets of Portimao I started to see myself in all that surrounded me, every face I met, every voice I heard and every landscape and building. Looking at the outside world to understand your inner world gives a lighter look at situations, knowing that the creative life force energy within you, the true essence of who you are and the ‘God mind’ is experiencing as you experience.

Meditation led me to a deep love for God and all that was around me. This led me to prayer and prayer led me to gratitude. Daily spiritual practices enhanced my understanding without saying a single word. All the knowledge I had gained of some 30 years of reading spiritual books could not have given what a year of deep, extended periods of inner work had (and continue to do so).

You maybe be wondering how I afforded to pay my bills and do all this inner work. Well, once I felt the pure unconditional love that was me, my creative juices flowed beyond anything I had experienced before. I started to transform my business from the UK high street to a global online business through creative marketing and new concepts. Once I walked into a place where fear did not and could not exist, I began to ‘download’ ideas at a rate so rapid that I could barely keep up.

Online projects that in previous years had only drifted in like shadows. Books that needed writing, courses, new teaching methods and other products and services that felt perfectly in alignment with my soul. When working with clients online, I was downloading information and involuntarily using ‘inspired speaking’ to nurture, inspire and coach. I sat for trance and gave distance healing to people 1000’s of miles away in far off countries such as Africa, Australia and America with reports of extraordinary results. I met amazing people, made some life long friends and felt only beauty and joy in interactions with others.

When I moved into my apartment in Portimao it was a relatively new build with open spaces of over growth and wild, unruly flowers and trees, entwined with recalcitrant weeds. This was not only a reflection of my relationship but of the torrid state of mind I had been convincingly (to most) holding together for many months. The cluttered, unorganised, oppressive and unattractive view was a reflection of my own self-worth. It was showing me how chaotic my life had become, and the relationship was toxic like the weeds, taking my breath and binding me from physical and spiritual progression. During my remembering process that I was indeed unconditional love, a miracle occurred. In spring bulldozers came and started to clear the wild plants which surrounded my apartment. A direct reflection of the healing and inner cleansing I was doing. Within weeks the landscape changed from unkempt foliage to flat, smooth, clay coloured open views.

By summer 2018 a new apartment block was erected, showing me how I had started to rebuild the parts of me which required it and mirroring the creative life force which now flowed effortlessly through me. As the summer started to end and September dawned, new paths were built, small plants which would become great, beautiful trees formed gardens which represented it was time to move forward. I have successfully moved from a perceived shadow to a realisation that all life is an expression of God’s love in a physical form.

I now have more than an intellectual understanding of ‘spirituality’, but I have experienced a light so bright that it is not visible to the human eye. I light born of and unto love. Not the superficial romantic love of the earth plane but a deep connection with something that has no concept of time, space, judgment, hatred or greed.

So why are we here and what should we be doing? Questions pondered by humans since time began….. whenever that was. Well, the way I see it, is that we are all an expression of God trying to find our way back to its original source. The path to this is by the giving and receiving of pure love. ‘Pure’ love doesn’t hold judgment, nor does it have preferences. This means we must give authentic love to all people and things, regardless of what our human conditioning has taught us. We can not judge people by their actions, thoughts, speech and beliefs, but instead see and ‘know’ that all is a reflection of Self. Every person is an extension of the other (and an extension of you). This means that no one person can ever reach enlightenment until all reach enlightenment. If just one person is out of balance, we all are.

You must start by giving unconditional love to yourself. Meditation and prayer are essential to rekindling the love we have forgotten, love for who we are inside. Talk to the highest place in yourself and then listen to that same place to deeply understand. Steer away from hate, judgment and malice and instead practice love ad forgiveness. Only by doing this can you repair what has been broken. Be the creative process you desire and rather than seeing darkness in anything external see the world as your mirror. Work on yourself in order to right the wrongs of the world. To create a world with harmony we must first be the harmony. To create we must be that which we desire to be created. For truly, you are both healer and the healed.

Practice love, because love is the most contagious energy in the world, love creates miracles. May 2019 be full of miracles.

Beverley Anne Freeman

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