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Why Self Love?

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on July 28, 2019 at 7:40 AM


There has been a lot of talk recently about self-love, loving yourself and I wonder if people really understand what self-love is and why its important. After all, didn’t Jesus say, ‘love thy neighbour’, so how do we love ourselves and everybody else at the same time.

To understand the concept of self-love, we really need to look at the ‘laws of the universe’.  The universe works on a set of principles which are complex, diverse and perfect and yet when broken down are also incredibly simple to follow and work with.  It’s the understanding of them which creates confusion amongst humans. To a large extent, humans often try to describe a set of non-physical principles in a physical way, this is how these ‘laws’ become misconstrued.

Let’s look at Karma…. The law of cause and effect…..

Now most people think that if you do something good or bad then some invisible force will create the same situation coming back to you. So, if you do lots of charity work, you will in effect get more abundance back in your life. If you murder someone, you will get bad things coming into your life, etc. I suggest you look at Karma in a different light.

The law of karma does indeed, suggests that what you give out you get back, the less accepted information suggests that it’s our creation. We create situations in accordance with our karma by how we think or feel about certain situations.  If you have done something that you feel guilty, embarrassed or anxious about you will create a situation that reflects this. This will be a reoccurring pattern that will continue until we heal the emotion in ourselves. The same goes for the positive, if we feel we have done ‘good’ we will create more opportunities to ‘feel’ good in our lives, by doing this we are learning to accept (or heal) love and abundance.

This leads us to ‘The Laws of Attraction’…………..

As with the law of karma, the laws of attraction will continue to work perfectly in alignment with our deepest beliefs and fears about ourselves, our lives and the physical experience in its entirety.  This means that what we belief about ourselves on a deep subconscious level will manifest itself into a physical reality for the purpose of learning and ultimately, healing. All laws of attraction and karma are for the purpose of healing the soul. The soul has little concern for the physical experience, only that the physical is a tool for spiritual growth. Spiritual growth occurs through learning experiences, that ‘force’ us to heal on a deep soul level. This is what is meant by ‘pain is your greatest teacher’.  Painful experiences are the gifts we gift to ourselves to reach a more enlightened state of being, or at least depending on our ability to learn and heal, the opportunity for this to happen.

“There is nothing ‘wrong’ in the world. It is all working perfectly in balance with the laws of nature and the universal principles.” Abraham Hicks

So, if what we believe about ourselves on a deep subconscious level manifests itself into the life, we are living then it’s time to look at what is in our subconscious. Most of our subconscious beliefs are formed in our childhood years in addition to experiences we have as we move into adulthood.  After this, everything both good and bad is a manifestation of those beliefs we create.

Sorry to tell you but those failed relationships, negative experiences, horrible bosses and co-workers and health problems are manifestations of our subconscious mind in accordance with the natural spiritual laws.

So how can we change our deep-seated beliefs and childhood programming? Its basically a case of looking deep within ourselves, looking at what has embodied itself there, how that is impacting your life in the present moment and how you have created and manifested your life experiences so far. Only by healing the root cause and then creating practices to re-programme the subconscious mind can we make changes for the better.

At the root of all negativity in our life is a desire to heal something. Its like a big wake-up call that shouts out to us and says, ‘come on now, its time to get straight and be happy’. The most powerful emotion in the universe is love. If you have a difficult situation send love, if you a behaving in a self-destructive way (i.e. addictions, etc.) then send love to yourself, if you are ill, send love to the part of your body which is affected (this is truly what healing is anyway), if a person is causing you misery, send them love. The only true healer is love.

Self-love is a state of knowing (or remembering) who you truly are. A divine spark of God, a pure light having a physical ‘learning’ experience. In this sense you are actually infinite, untouchable, indestructible…. Eternal.  If you can remember this you will never be in a state of ‘pain’, because you cannot be in pain, you can be only ‘love’.

To be able to fully heal you need to dig deep into your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and pathology.  Change the subconscious re-programming that occurred from conception to seven years old and start to implement a state of self-love to move forward in a more blissful existence.

Self-love is honoring your feelings, teaching others how to treat you with respect, its loving who you are with all your imperfections, total acceptance of who you are and what your capabilities are. Quietening of the ego and always listening to the place in you which is love.  Self-love is not about seeking God outside of yourself but knowing that God is within you.

Sex outside of a loving relationship, eating processed foods, over consumption of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, laziness, tardiness and indulging in relationships with those who do not make us feel good are all ways we seek happiness outside of ourselves. When we do this it becomes a ‘temporary feel-good solution’ that in no time at all wears off. This cycle of behavious ultimately leads to co-dependency, depression and a constant craving for new experiences.

When we learn how to love ourselves fully and completely, we no longer require these external validations but instead feel a sense of peace and wellbeing in all that we are.  

Self-love does not go against being of service in the world. We can give to others in service to humanity, it is possible for every single person to contribute to raising to the vibration of the human race. The most profound and powerful way to be of service is to step into our authenticity and life life purpose, using your unique talents and skills for the furtherance of good. Only in this balance of self-love and service will you ever create, manifest or experience your fullest and most abundant life.

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