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7 Practices to Live Your Most Fulfilled and Peaceful Life

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on October 13, 2019 at 12:15 PM

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7 Practices to Live Your Most Fulfilled and Peaceful Life

We have all read the self-help books, many times we have bought books and either left them to collect dust on the shelf or simply not applied the principles into our lives. Wake-up call!! It is called ‘Self’ Help! If we don’t make the necessary changes to heal, improve or create a different perception, nothing will ever change for us.

In some cases, we read this or that, but it doesn’t give us clear instruction as to how to implement these changes effectively. So, I have written down for you here, 7 practices that will have a huge positive impact on your life IF, you use them. There are no miracle cures, healing is hard work, but, what I can promise you is that if you do these 7 practices and continue to use them in your life, you will create a life of peace, contentment and ultimately happiness.

1. Spiritual Practices

Making spiritual practices part of your routine is essential to helping all the other practices work. There are 3 essential spiritual practices which will help to massively improve your minds, activity, which are:

Meditation – start with 10 mins per day and gradually work up to 1 hour. This should become as normal as brushing your teeth. Meditation can be done anytime but keep it consistent – everyday. Check out the toolkit below for meditation ideas.

Prayer – Do this every day, talk to God, the universe, your higher self, what you call it is not important; ask for guidance (especially if you are struggling with something), prayer is the most powerful tool in your box. Prayer is best done in the morning to start your day. Check out the toolkit for more ideas.

Gratitude – create a gratitude journal and write down 5 things you are grateful for every day, this is best done at night. Keep your book and pen by your bed. Gratitude is the single most important tool in the manifestation of a better life. We can always find things to be grateful for in our lives, what we give out, we get more of.

2. Practice Non-attachment

The second principle maybe completely alien to you because you may have been taught as a child that certain things are ‘yours’. The practice of non-attachment is essential to those who find life difficult.

“The root of suffering is attachment” ~ Buddha

The most important thing to let go of is drama, your own drama and other people’s drama. Drama is when we create mayhem around a situation when its entirely unnecessary, and not to get sucked into other people’s reactions to things. Another words, mind you own business.

Let go of material possessions, no one really owns anything, and you will take nothing from the material word with you when you go home to the realm of spirit. It you lose something, let it go, if someone steels something from you, let it go, if something breaks, let it go. Holding on to things that are never coming back, will only cause you pain.

Practice non-attachment to people and places. Understand that everything is perfect, if someone needs to go in a different direction than you, just allow that to happen, knowing that they will be back when you really need them (not when you think you need them).

3. Let go of Expectation

Letting go of expectation is really learning to trust in the natural process of life. Expectation is limitation. When we have no expectation of an outcome or when we expect nothing, we will never be disappointed.

Think about it, when a relationship ends badly, be it a love relationship, friendship or family member, its usually because you had an expectation of how a person was supposed to behave. An expectation from a person that they were unable or unwilling to fulfill.

Going into a relationship or situation (job, party, workshop, etc.) without any expectation whatsoever will open the door for miracles to occur. Live by the philosophy that maybe ‘God has a better idea’. If we allow, rather than push, the universe can deliver beyond our wildest dreams. So, let go and let live!

4. Understand the Illusion

The illusion is created in the ego and creates fear in your life. There are only 2 states of ‘being’; love and fear, everything fits into these two categories. At all times you are either living in a state of fear or love, all that is fear is illusion, all that is love is real.

“What God did not create does not exist. And everything that does exist exists as He created it. The world you see has nothing to do with reality. It is of your own making, and it does not exist.” ~ A Course in Miracles

Pain might seem real at the time, suffering may feel real at the time but if you can step into a place of love, all fear will be diminished. So how do we apply this in real time? Easy, never react with anger or aggression (fear-based illusion), always act with kindness (love). Forgive and be unwilling to accept fear, illness, lack or need. Always send love to yourself, others and anything which seems unbalanced (its not unbalanced, its an illusionary perception created in your own mind). In every situation be not in a state of ego, but in a state of love.

“EGO – Edging God Out” ~ Wayne Dyer

5. Live in the Present

Living in the present moment means switching off the mind talk and just simply ‘being fully present’. The mind is where the illusion is created, in fact it’s the only place where it exists, for it is the only place where fear can live (fear: false evidence appearing real).

Living fully present means using the past and the future as reference points only. Using past experiences to serve the present moment and if you are practising all the other above, the future will not come in to in, unless, you are planning an event.

Letting go of the past is understanding that it is never coming back, that it is gone, over. Just forget it. Not anticipating what will come (especially the negative mind talk) will create a stress free life in itself.

6. Know You’re not Alone

We live on a planet with approximately 8 billion people on it. This should tell you that you’re not alone, but quite often we feel we have to do everything for ourselves. So, if you are unable to feel the love of your 8 billion brothers and sisters, try this instead.

Know and call upon your guides, angels and loved ones who have passed away. If you want you can speak to God, source, the universal life force, what you call it makes no difference to the power and presence of love which is available to all from the non-physical realms. Meditation and prayer will help you with this practice.

Just ask: either aloud or in your mind “help me, I need guidance today” or “I’m lost, help me get back on track… me the way out of the illusion and into a place of my true being…love”. Once you start calling upon your guides and angels, you can know that you are not alone.

7. Take Care of Your Body

The body houses the soul, its important. Love it, honour it, respect it. Be kind to your body and treat it like an expensive car, maintenance is super important. Give it the best you can; the best food and exercise, don’t give it poisons like; processed foods, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

Know that the body is sacred and with sexual activity only use it with someone who you love and trust, you wouldn’t lend your Bentley to the irresponsible driver next door, so don’t give away your body to anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

Take part in some physical exercise that makes you happy, every single day. Walking, swimming, dancing, weight training, yoga, Tai Chi….whatever works for you. I like to listen to something motivational whilst I walk or workout. Spiritual books on Audible or podcasts from Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations or Hay House are wonderful ways to feed your mind whilst loving your body.

Tool Kit



A Morning Prayer

Dear God, I love you,

How may I serve you today?

Lead me towards the highest place in Self,

That I may spread love and kindness wherever I go.

Let’s create miracles today;

Allowing all perception to shift from fear to love.

Lead the way in creating love and kindness within me and all around me.

Enable me to give love and receive love in equal measure,

In doing so, I will always have enough love in me to serve the world with you as my guide.

Let me recognise that the holy spirit lives in me and that in this physical world I am an expression of your love.

I send loving healing thoughts out to all mankind, recognising that all are my brothers and sisters.

Allow my ego to reside in a quiet place, so that my divinity may take centre stage in this life.

I love you, God. Amen

Written by Beverley Anne Freeman, 2018


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