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What's new for 2020?

Posted by Beverley Anne Freeman on January 12, 2020 at 6:15 AM

What indeed does this year bring? We all ask ourselves at that ecliptic January moment, and I don’t know about you? But I tend to think about it every year. When looking forward though, we have this habit of looking back, it seems to humanise everything, often, analysing what the previous year taught us, what we accomplished, how things ravined, obstacles, motivators and souvenirs to take into the future.


I had plenty of clients who’s loved ones made their transition, back home to the beautiful love and light ‘from whence we came’. My heart went out to those who called me asking for clarification that their loved ones made it back home, safe and sound. Of course, it’s a path you cannot stray from… a one way only Route: back to heaven. Leaving those here, feeling loss and grief in a quagmire of sadness. My heart goes out to all those who lost this year, and those of us who remembered loss from previous years. My additional advice is to remember the good times; the laughter and the memories created.


I think last year presented us all with many challenges, both personal, economic and political. Last year seemed to bring forth necessary disruption and provocation, providing a cleansing for new possibilities in the coming year. Let’s not forget that we are also entering into a new decade. A new ten year period. Let’s lay the foundations of that ten year period in this god-given twelve months, to enable revigorated plans and ideas to spring forth.


In my own life and particularly my career path I intend to forge ahead with new plans and ideas, executing them (as always) with conviction, positivity and love. So, what can you expect from me in 2020?


In 2020 I will be returning to the UK to promote my new book, Perspectives: A Journey From Self-sabotage to Self-love. I will be doing a small book tour visiting my wonderful clients and supporters in New York, Sweden, Portugal, London & Manchester. Thank you for all those who have purchased the book so far and the amazing feedback, love and support which never fails to astound me. I think the book has a path all of its own, quite detached from me. This is why I will not rest until it reached global domination (with perennial humour).


I have a few dates already booked in, including International Women’s Day in Hale, Cheshire on the 6th March, where I will be doing a book signing and speaking (organized by the Cheshire Socialites: Where we will be celebrating women everywhere, the beauty and strength of feminine energy, for females are the creators, the pioneers and the love element in the human experience. Nature itself is indeed female, for in winter she is pregnant and in summer, she gives birth.


Then there is something for the men. I will be offering special services and workshops which will focus on men living in an ever-changing world, understanding that men need love and support to achieve their dreams and support their lovers, children and parents. I will release a special newsletter that will focus on men’s mental health issues in the next few weeks.


As a longtime supporter of veganism and with Greta Thunberg paving the way for climate change, I will be running vegan cooking demonstrations and workshops with the introduction of my new company Dine Vegan… more details coming soon. The idea is not to preach or bully people into veganism but just to allow those who are interested to try new taste sensations whilst supporting our lovely friend… the earth.


I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported my online courses business this year. Its continued success will be celebrated by introducing two new online courses, more details coming soon


There will be much more writing coming your way this year (demand-driven of course…). The sequel to Perspective will be written in 2020, (in between cups of tea, weight training, walking by the Cheshire rivers, talking to my beautiful clients and cooking vegan food… phew…), the new book will have lots more funny stories of my delinquent teens and twenties, more life lessons and (hopefully) more wisdom. The new book, entitled Paradox: What Happens After Self-love, will detail what happens after you’ve found self-love? Well of course after self-love, we encounter self-actualisation. But what does this actually mean or entail? How do we start to live our most authentic, happy and exciting life amidst the drama and challenges that everyday unwittingly throws in our path? With courage and conviction of course….. ladies and gentlemen, would I encourage you to do anything else?


Lastly, I would like to say a huge thanks to all my clients who support me. It's you that keep me inspired and motivated to find new innovation and creative projects. I hope that through the creating of my dreams, I can inspire you guys to create yours.


“And God told him, "I am God Almighty. Be fruitful and multiply. A nation--even a company of nations--shall come from you, and kings shall descend from you.” ~ Genesis 35:11



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