Beverley Anne Freeman  

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher

How Online Readings Work?

So How Does a Reading Actually Work online or by Phone? 

My first experience of doing readings when the recipient was 100's of miles away was when I was asked to do a radio phone in's. I was approached by a fellow medium who from his house in Wales ran a weekly radio station which transmitted to the USA.  So basically, people across America tuned into the radio station which is all about spiritualism and asked the guest medium for that day to give them a communication from spirit. As I had complete faith in spirit I readily agreed; later I wondered why I hadn't thought about it first?? 

As it happened I had no need to worry as the communication came in thick and fast. It started at 7pm UK time and I sat in my bedroom in Altrincham with my lap top on my knee, wondering quite frankly if I wasn't a bit mad. The radio presenter was in Wales in his studio, and 1000's of Americans were tuning in to this radio programme, of which I was the guest medium. 

The first caller was a lady with a south American accent, she said whatever came through she would be happy with and didn’t have any specific questions. I tuned in and waited for a communication. I could see in my mind’s eye a black gentleman who was very smartly dressed playing the saxophone, I relayed this to the lady and she said she understood .... thank the lord I thought! The communication went on and I understood this gentleman to be the lady's father in spirit. He gave me lots of evidence and a wonderful message. I did 5 phone ins during the radio programme that evening and each one was a wonderful communication. I was absolutely elated. Ten years on I do readings over the phone and via Skype internationally now at least once a week. 

It’s possible that 0800 number fortune tellers are a scam, I've never had one, so I honestly don't know. I did however have a telephone reading from the famous medium Sonia Choquette which was fantastic (and should have been at 400$ for 30 mins too!). But how does it all work? 

Well first of all, if I'm doing a spirit communication it’s the love for the client from the spirit world which gives me the connection. That love is transcendent, it doesn't matter where you are, whether I can see you or not, if a mother, father, husband, grandmother, child wants to connect they will. They know who you are, so I don't have to. They still work with me in the same way; by projecting images, smell, thoughts, sounds, feelings into my mind for me to communicate to the recipient.  It’s not magic, its love. 

Secondly, if I am working with my psychic ability and predicting the future or describing a current situation I am not tuning into your kinetic (or physical) energy, I am tuning into both the universal energy and your soul (or spirit) energy. In addition to this I am working with my wonderful guides who tell me snippets of information from possible future outcomes. Just as all spiritual and pure love energy is transcendent, so is the psychic connection which feeds into my psyche to present itself as a reading. 

Last October I decided that, although I was grateful for my little shop in Sale, Cheshire, I needed more. I needed to expand my own awareness of the world, of other people's attitude to mediumship and to experience life from different perspectives. I wanted to teach more people, do more demonstrations and spread more light across the world without feeling restricted.  So, I packed up my shop and decided to take spiritualism further afield whilst finishing my book and searching for knowledge in different corners of the world.  So, my journey continues.....

There is absolutely no way I would allow my UK clientele down my just jet setting around the world with so much as an Auf Wiedersehen. That's why I'm offering phone, Skype and online readings not just to the UK but worldwide. So far, so good! Its working and I feel like I made the right decision in leaving the UK for a while. 

If you would like to speak to loved ones and find out what 2018 has in store book now, Payment is by bank transfer or PayPal up to 2 hours before the reading. Readings are by appointment 7 days a week from ,11am to 8pm.