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Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher

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We Can All Develop Our Psychic Abilities...

We all have a natural intuition that we can develop by tapping into our own psychic energy. This is sometimes a path which requires gentle nurturing and encouragement. During my classes you will learn to trust what that psychic energy is telling you and develop it in alignment with the higher good. 


When you have learned how to trust your natural psychic ability you can then start to work with spirit communication and develop your mediumship. Beverley is a highly experienced teacher having worked with people developing their membership and psychic awareness for over 15 years full time.

Do you experience any of the following? 

  • Psychic or telepathic experiences
  • Energy transference
  • Sensitivity to loud noises or smells
  • Spiritual encounters
  • Spirit activity
  • A sense of knowing intuitively about a situation or person
  • Have flashes of thing which will occur the in the future
  • Vivid dreams

If so you could be ready to unfold your natural psychic ability..........

Training is done via Skype Video, Facebook Messenger or Zoom at a time to suit you and will include: 

  • PDF Worksheets
  • Personal Tuition with Beverley Anne Freeman
  • Audio Files

Meeting Your Guides Course with Beverley Anne Freeman
  • 3 one to one sessions with Beverley Anne Freeman
  • PDF's 
  • Audio Meditations
Price £99.00 

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Option 1 Course on 10 1 hour sessions: 

PRICE 1 Session £50.00

10 Sessions £450.00

(Payment plan options )


All plans are personalised to suit you and can be worked around a schedule Monday to Friday 10 to 8pm or Saturday 11 to 4pm or to suit your international time zone. 

Psychic & Mediumship 10 week Plan

  1. Meditation for development
  2. Meeting your guides
  3. Working with your guides in everyday life
  4. Psychic & Mediumship introduction
  5. Working with cards to do readings
  6. Pendulum dowsing
  7. Connecting to Spirit
  8. Mediumship readings 
  9. Working with photographs
  10. Psychic readings for healing

Spiritual Self Development 10 week plan
  1.  Meditation for inner peace
  2. Learn the dynamics of the universe
  3. Healing fears & dealing dominant negative thinking
  4. Spiritual practices
  5. Gratitude
  6. Spiritual literature
  7. Tuning in to your intuition to make decisions
  8. Learning about self love & compassion 
  9. Beginners guide to A Course in Miracles
  10. Practicing spirituality in today's world

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Option 2 Example (Tailored to your needs) 

10 x 2 hour sessions via Zoom or Skype can be more efficient to deal with deeper issues in your development and unfolding of your abilities. So we would work on for example:

1. Introduction and the 'Clairs' or senses, working psychically and with spirit including the processes. 

2. Meditation for development and how it works, grounding and protecting your auric field.  

3. How to connect with your guides, build the relationship and use their guidance for positive development. 

4. Working with your psychic senses to read photographs, colors, etc.

5. Working with mediumship in various ways, learning about the different types of mediumship; mental mediumship,  trance and physical mediumship and connecting through photographs.

6. Learn how to work with cards, how to do a mini and full reading for yourself and others.

7. Learn tools like the crystal ball, tea leave readings, runes, etc.

8. Spiritual healing as a form of mediumship and what it entails. 

9. Predicting the future outcomes and how this works with the laws of attraction. 

10. Developing your practice both spiritually and in your readings. 


11 Week Home Study Course Modules: 

  1. Meditation for development
  2. Meeting your guides
  3. Working with your guides
  4. Introduction to psychic development
  5. Introduction to Mediumship
  6. Chakras & Auras
  7. Tools for psychic work 
  8. How to read cards
  9. Spiritual Healing
  10. Crystal Healing
  11. Taking things further, tips and advice

  1. Investing time in becoming a better you
  2. The 7 levels of enlightenment
  3. Healing the self
  4. Advanced healing techniques
  5. Improving your connection to spirit and getting better evidence
  6. Psychic readings and accurate predictions for the future
  7. Developing trance mediumship
  8. Speaking to your guides, angels and loved ones in spirit for further advancement
  9. More psychic tools for readings………………
  10. How to open a business doing readings and healing
  11. Living with spirit on a daily basis

ALL FOR £895.00
Payment Plan Option 1st session £395, 4th session £300, 8th session £200.00 

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